Conditions of Use

Conditions of use

To ensure the Sports Centre is a pleasant environment for all staff and customers, the following terms and conditions are in place.

Facility rules and conditions of use
Customer Acceptable Behaviour Policy
Membership Rules

Facility rules and conditions of use

  • All users must report to the reception desk on entering the facility
  • All users must show appropriate ID or membership card on entry
  • Users must show consideration and respect to all other users and staff
  • The facility must be vacated by all persons at the specified closing times and last admission is 30 minutes before closing time
  • The Centre reserves the right to refuse admission and users may be asked to leave if their behaviour is deemed inappropriate
  • Dangerous or irresponsible behaviour will not be tolerated
  • All equipment must be used appropriately having regard to the health and safety of you and others
  • All users must leave the building if asked to do so by a member of staff or upon hearing an alarm sound
  • No persons under the age of 18 will be allowed to use the equipment within the Fitness Rooms as the University deems the age of 18 to be the most appropriate stage of physical development to commence using this type of equipment
  • Before using any equipment in the Fitness Rooms please ensure you have had an induction by one of the Sports Centre's fitness staff.
  • All gym users must replace weights on the racks after use
  • No persons under the age of 18 will be allowed to use the swimming pool unless accompanied and supervised by an adult
  • One adult may accompany and supervise a maximum of 2 children under the age of 18 years in the pool area
  • Before entering the swimming pool users must make themselves aware of the pool surroundings and emergency exits. There is no shallow water in this pool; water depth in the shallow end is 1.2m / 4’0” and the deep end is 1.9m / 6’4”. The length of the pool 25 metres and the width is 11 metres
  • No one is permitted into the pool area without a lifeguard or qualified swimming instructor present
  • Users must be dressed in appropriate clothing for the activity they are participating in. Costumes must be worn in all areas of the swimming pool including the sauna and appropriate footwear should also be worn when using the sports hall and fitness suite
  • All personal belongings must be stored in the lockers provided, no bags are permitted in the Fitness rooms
  • Facilities including lockers are available as seen and the Centre will only
    be liable for lost or damaged personal property left on the premises where the loss or damage results from the University’s negligence
  • No valuable personal effects should be brought onto the premises
  • All bookings including classes can be made up to 7 days in advance and 24 hours notice must be given to cancel or change a booking (3 hours cancellation notice for classes) otherwise full payment will be taken
  • Anyone not attending to booked facilities including classes on a regular basis will not be allowed to continue booking in advance
  • For Squash Court bookings, we operate a policy (of a maximum) of two 40 minute Squash sessions per Evening, per individual, in order to bring about a level of fairness. The Sports Centre reserves the right to remove bookings where we find or suspect that individuals are violating the two 40 minute sessions per evening rule.  
  • All accidents or incidents should be reported immediately to reception
  • Please note the Customer Acceptable Behaviour Policy is part of the rules and conditions of use


Customer Acceptable Behaviour Policy

For health, safety and legal reasons, and to help all our customers enjoy their visit, unless authorised by the Manager, a Customer or Visitor is not permitted to:

  • Smoke in any part of the building.
  • Tamper with, or remove any life-saving, first aid or fire fighting equipment, or otherwise behave in a dangerous or irresponsible manner.
  • If a non-swimmer, enter a swimming pool, or leave the recognised ‘safe area’, unless accompanied by a competent swimmer or under the guidance of an Instructor.
  • Enter any unauthorised area, i.e. pool side, stores, plant or staff rooms.
  • Alter or interfere with any equipment, fittings or fixtures.
  • Use any equipment for any activity that is not approved by the Centre Manager.
  • Take photographs or film, or arrange for the filming or broadcasting, of any activity or performance.
  • Play any music or perform any work that would infringe copyright.
  • Use a mobile phone whilst participating in an activity.
  • Coach or instruct any activity unless agreed in advance with the centre manager
  • Change or store clothing or belongings in undesignated areas.
  • Bring in any food or drink or any dangerous or offensive substance.
  • Bring in any animal other than a guide dog.
  • Sell or supply to other customers or visitors goods of any description.
  • Display any notice or decoration, or issue promotional materials.
  • Conduct any customer surveys or research.
  • Advertise or publicly announce any event to take place.
  • Sell any tickets, conduct a lottery or make any collection for charity.
  • Show a lack of consideration and respect to other users and staff at any time; any acts of aggression or violence will not be tolerated.


 Membership Rules

Sport Centre Terms and Conditions


• All Sports Centre members must comply with the Sports Centre T&Cs, the Customer Code of Conduct, Rules and

Conditions of Use displayed on notice boards within the Sports Centre (‘Membership Rules’). We may make reasonable

changes to the Membership Rules at any given time but will give you advance notice wherever possible.

• To gain admission a membership card is required at all times and must be swiped on entry. Failure to have membership

card three times will result in no entry or the option to pay for a day visit.

• Membership is non-transferable and you must not allow your membership card to be misused. Failure to comply with

these rules may lead to a suspension in membership.

• We are only liable for lost or damaged personal property where the loss or damage results from our negligence.

• It is your responsibility to bring to our attention any changes in your medical condition as stated on your health


• The opening hours of facilities may sometimes need to be changed due to repairs, maintenance or other factors outside

our control, but we will give you advance warning wherever possible. The Sports Centre will be closed on all public Bank

Holidays and will also be closed during the University’s Christmas closure period.


Minimum membership periods and cancellation


• Direct Debit memberships require a month’s payment upfront, in addition to the payment of a pro rata fee (covering the period up to the date of the first Direct Debit Deduction) at the point of sale.

Direct Debit Purchases are valid with immediate effect, and the agreements are non-transferable. Cancellations of any direct debit membership package does

require a 30 day notice period, of which payment for that month will be automatically be taken. Any member wishing to

terminate their subscription must go through the cancellation process at the Reception Desk. This involves completing a

membership exit questionnairre, and then the member should provide a signature, which confirms that the membership is

to be terminated. Any member wishing to cancel should do so at least 5 working days before their next subscription date

(either the 1st or 15th of the month) in order to avoid any further membership (Direct Debit) payments being made.

In exceptional circumstances, we will also accept email (containing a detailed justification for the termination) as a

documented form of membership cancellation. 

If the cancellation is made via email, this must be sent to where the cancellation will then

be authorised by Sports Centre Management.  

All members wishing to cancel, should also do so at their Bank, as the Sports Centre takes no responsibility for further

payments being taken, once we have completed (and been through) the termination process.   

• We may cancel your membership if you commit any serious or repeated breach of the Membership Rules. To cover its

reasonable cost, the University may retain any part of the membership fees you have paid which relate to a period after


• You may cancel your membership if you are unable to use the Sports Centre through serious illness or injury (but if

requested you must provide a valid Medical Certificate). We will refund any part of the membership fees you have paid

which relates to a period after cancellation. In all other cases (but except where the university is in serious default),

refunds for cancellation are at the discretion of the management and will require relevant documentary evidence, e.g proof

of your withdrawal from a University programme or job relocation.


Community Membership and Community Access


• Access to the swimming pool and fitness suite is permitted Monday – Friday 9.00am-3.00pm, and throughout the

weekend. Off peak members must have left the Sports Centre by 4.00pm. Access to the Sports Centre outside of these

hours for Community members will be charged at the daily rate, and access for Community members is not allowed.

• Community Access to the Centre is only available with a valid Community Membership. Payment must ONLY be made for

Community Memberships with a Credit/Debit Card on the production of valid photo identification of the (prospective)

Community Member.


• We recommend that all users undergo a Gym Induction with one of our qualified Fitness Instructors before they can use

the Fitness Suites. This is free of charge for all members.

• At least 6 hours cancelation notice must be given on any induction that is booked regardless of membership type.

• Failure to attend a booked induction or provide the minimum cancellation notice will result in you having to rebook a

new induction and a £5 charge being added to your account. You will be unable to use any part of the facility until this debt

has been paid.


Class Bookings


• All Class Bookings must be paid for at the time of booking (excluding ‘All in’ and choice Fitness Class Members.)

• At least three hours’ notice of cancellation must be given for all classes regardless of membership type.

• The place of any member not present for the start of the class they have booked will be given to anyone who is

waiting. No refund will be given.

• Failure to attend any class or provide suitable notice of cancellation will result in full payment incurring, with a class strike

against the aforementioned member.

• Members with two class strikes within 30 days results (automatically) in the loss of rights to book onto a class for 30 days.

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