Swimming Provision - Dolphin Academy

Dolphin Academy Ltd are expert providers of top quality swimming lessons. They deliver a full learn-to-swim journey from our location in Salford and believe that it is never too early or too late to start swimming. They offer classes from parent and baby swimming all the way up to competitive level. They also offer private one-to-one swimming lessons for adults and children.

After assessing the standards of several council lessons and those of their competitors in the private sector, the founders of Dolphin Academy channelled their passion for swimming into their own business: "a swim school where quality matters."

Dolphin Academy have grown from a small family business into a team of seven: four of which have reached national levels in the sport, one has been head coach for Lancashire, and two have swam competitively. The instructors at Dolphin are proud of the work they do and want to make sure everyone can enjoy their love of the sport. The talented and experienced instructors from Dolphin Academy teach a wide range of classes suitable for learners of all ages and abilities. At the Sports Centre their offer is:

  • Parent and Baby Swimming Sessions: Saturday and Sundays @ 11am
  • Children's Swimming Lessons: Tuesday Evening @ 4-7pm, Saturday and Sunday Mornings @ 9am-12pm
  • Adult's Swimming Lessons: Tuesday @ 7-8pm
  • Private Swimming Lessons for Adults and Children: Limited Availability on Tuesday Evening, Saturday and Sunday Mornings
  • Swim Club: Saturday @ 9-10.30am and Sunday @ 10-11.30am

Dolphin Academy are our sole provider of swimming lessons at the Sports Centre and we're absolutely delighted to have such a dedicated and experienced swim school teach here. The team at Dolphin believe in making swimming available to everyone and the established Adult Lessons between 7-8PM every Tuesday are not just for staff and students of the university. So, whether it’s your first time learning to swim or you're an expert needing private coaching, you'll be welcome at lessons with Dolphin's swimming teachers.

Contact Dolphin Academy by emailing them at info@dolphinacademyltd.co.uk, or use their online booking system and get more information at the Dolphin Academy website.

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