#ActiveSalford Sports Centre - May Update


We hope you all enjoyed the Easter break, and we look forward to a huge month ahead with many events and activities taking place throughout the course of this month. Firstly, we have our Team Salford Mental Health Awareness Month Program (running throughout the period of 6th-23rd May) in partnership with the Students Union and Campus Living Villages. Activities across the week include Fitness Classes such as Yoga, Group based Resistance Training Classes, and Sports Hall based social semi-competitive sports such as Badminton and Netball, all are designed to help provide a range of accessible pathways into physical activity for Students and Staff. The activities within the program are designed to spotlight the value of exercise in relation to the social, physiological and psychological wellbeing of our Students and Staff at the University of Salford. Keeping yourself active is also a perfect way to keep those energy levels up and the mind fresh as we head into the exam period. 

Through the growth of social connections, increased confidence with a regular engagement in positive lifestyle behaviour, physical activity can help to provide a range of holistic benefits. Research indicates a strong relationship between exercise and managing anxiety levels, and how undertaking regular levels of physical activity assists us in our ability to help emotionally regulate, and positively impacting our coping mechanisms.

While exercise cannot solve all the complex issues around Mental Health, it is a proven mechanism for increasing levels of self-belief within challenging situations, positively impacting our self-confidence and resilience levels within the process.  By engaging in physical activity on a consistent basis, this creates a release of endorphins in the body, this endorphin release can help to improve mood, feelings of self-worth and our sense of accomplishment. The full Mental Health Awareness Month Program can be viewed here 

Another form of activity which acts as an accessible participation pathway for many is Running, perfectly illusrtrated by England Athletics #RunandRevise campaign this month to help students beat exam stress, and we are helping to collaborate with the University and deliver on two Running events later this month.

The Greater Manchester Run is taking place on Sunday 19th May, where the University will be entered as "Team Salford" and then we will be delivering our 9th Annual Vice Chancellor's Fun Run on Wednesday 22nd May, You can run, jog or walk the distance – race at your own pace! Our free Team Salford Running Sessions will continue to take place every Wednesday at 1.00pm, this is another avenue to not only maintain your fitness for the event, but also make friends and meet new people! There is plenty to get involved with as we approach the exam period, and if you require a personalised fitness program to get you ready for either of the events, please email the Sports Centre Team sportleisure-com@salford.ac.uk

The sign-up link for the Vice Chancellor’s 5k Fun Run is here and all proceeds raised will go to Kidscan Children's Cancer Research. 

In addition, our Summer #ActiveSalford video series will provide some ideas around the exercises you can incorporate within your workout patterns, fully utilising our gym spaces and the equipment within each room. Our initial feature below is a short upper body session within our Resistance Room, and further videos will be introduced as we make our way through the month.  The series is designed to help equip our members with the knowledge to best effectively utilise all the different types of gym equipment at the Sports Centre (across all 5 Fitness Suites) to help increase exercise and programming capacities. Keep your eye on our Instagram for the latest updates @uos_sportscentre  and of course, if you need any further guidance - an instructor is always available to help. 


For those students undertaking exams this month, our Live well for learning portal in colaboration with our friends at the Library can provide some helpful tips to prioritise your wellbeing and remaining active over the exam period. We wish all of our students the best of luck!

A final point with regards to mental health awareness week, our fantastic wellbeing and counselling service are on hand throughout the year to provide our students and staff with wellbeing support. Please do get in contact with them if you require any form of non-academic support. 


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