#ActiveSalford April Update - Easter!


Firstly, we want to congratulate our Students Union Sports Teams in their superb Varsity Victory on Wednesday 20th March (vs The University of Chester) this was a fantastic day for Sport at the University, and demonstrated just how Sport and physical activity can bring our Campus Community together, what an atmosphere! If you missed any of the action from Varsity, or you just want to relive some of those great moments, check out the Quays News Live Stream from across the day. 

Up next of course is the Easter Break! Easter is traditionally a time where we indulge, so we just wanted to give a few pointers around managing those Chocolate cravings, and how some Chocolate in moderation can actually be beneficial for you.

Dark chocolate, consumed in moderation, can help to have a positive impact on your heart health. The Cocoa within Dark Chocolate can improve your HDL (Good!) cholesterol levels, lower your LDL (Bad!) Cholesterol levels. It can also improve nitric oxide levels in the blood, which can enhance the function and dilation of your blood vessels (helping to lower blood pressure) - improving blood flow. Cocoa is an excellent saturated fat source, but make no mistake… it is certainly best consumed in moderation.    

We would not want to discourage anyone from eating an egg at Easter, we all do! However, with chocolate topical, this is a perfect time to discuss it as a source of consumption within your general lifestyle.  Chocolate is very energy dense, containing a high amount of calories due to its saturated fat and sugar content. Consuming foods which are calorie dense leaves you with an energy surplus, which if consumed at regular excess, will greatly increasing the risk of obesity which then contributes to many further health risks as a consequence. Remember - consumption in moderation is key!    

Another way to help improve the function and efficiency of your cardiovascular system, is to keep yourself moving! If you are home for Easter and you need some workout ideas keep your eye on our Instagram. We will be posting some short workout ideas for you, to keep you active over the Easter break.  Our developing exercise video library is also a helpful educational resource, which can be visited at here where you can apply the same principles to the exercises if you are performing variations of these at home. These video’s contain progressions and regressions, and begin as a bodyweight exercise before adding further weight as a progression to increase load, so check these out if you wish to improve specific exercise form and technique.   

We also launch the Vice Chancellor’s Fun Run on our return from the Easter Break on Monday 22nd April, so keep you eye out for that entry information! The race will take place on Wednesday 22nd May, which gives you around a month or so to prepare. Our Wednesday Run Club Sessions at 1.00pm will be running as scheduled throughout Easter, these provide a perfect setting to get you started with the race just a few weeks away and are completely free for members!

So keep yourself active over the Easter Break, and be mindful of those excess calories through overconsumption. Have a great Easter from the Sports Centre!


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