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The Skill's for Learning - Live Well for Learning Online Resource is a unique colaboration with The Library The portal will help provide an unprecedented platform for #TeamSalford to help educate and inform our students, on the value of remaining consistently active, and the subsequent study related (and potential attainment) benefits of engaging in Sport. The resource, will provide information around recommended Daily Activity levels (with prominent industry daily activity tracking apps) Nutrition, and general well being advice.

The resource will act as a key tool for Team Salford, as we look to faciliate our students through their individual activity journeys, through increased levels of inclusivity, helping to drive resilience (with Sport playing a prominent role within the empowerment of our students) and the accessibility of our activity settings, as we look to make physical activity an intergral element of student life, and the overall student experience.

A number of our students contributed towards our Live Well for Learning Launch Video below, which details just some of the skills our students have been equipped with, through engaging in Sport on Campus on a consistent basis. 

Check out the Live Well for Learning online resource here


If it is purely advice around exercise, relating to technique and correct form when performing basic exercises within the Gym, our Instructional Online Exercise Library content is also directly accessible via this link






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