Sports Injury, Exercise, Rehabilitation and Sports Massage Clinic

Sport in Partnership with the Directorate of Sport Exercise and Physiopherapy - Referral Pathway

We are delighted to announce the launch of our Sport Referral Pathway, in partnership with the Directorate of Sport, Exercise and Physiopherapy. These are exciting times ahead for Sport and our Academic Partners, in addition to (current and prospective) Sport Centre members, now having direct access to our magnificent (on- campus) Sport Rehabilitation service.  

The state of the art clinical facility is located (in the Podiatry Clinic) at our Allerton Campus, and delivered by the Sport Rehab team. This is an exciting new internal partnership for Sport, and a number of our members are already taking up the option of being referred for an appointment, and sampling their clinical services. Once referred, consultations, assessment and treatment sessions are just £8.00 for students and £15.00 for Staff and Associates.

This service is delivered by Sport Rehabilitation Students, who are under the supervision of (Academic Clinical) members of staff from our Directorate of Sport. A full range of rehabilitation services are available within their treatment, these methods of clinical delivery include:

  • Sports Massages
  • Rehabilitation Plans
  • Musculoskeletal screening and postural assessment’s
  • Health improvement programmes (with further advice relating to lifestyle and recreational exercise.)
  • Fitness Assessment’s
  • Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement plans - amongst many other methods of clinical delivery.


Once the referral process has been undertaken, the Sports Centre acts as a key facilitator to ensuring clients remain physically active (on a consistent and sustainable basis) once the consultation, assessment (and treatment) process is underway, via our Sport memberships. The Sport Centre Fitness professional’s then provide further advice relating to physical activity, via our various areas of Sport and Activity provision, which include 1 to 1 Personal Programmes, and (programmed) Functional Training tutorials. 

If you contact us at the Sports Centre, we can then provide the team with the information they need for your initial consultation, or alternatively call the Sport Rehab Team (directly for appointments) on 0161 295 2205 between 9.00am - 4.30pm.

#TeamSalford BUCS - Sports Team Initative (in Partnership with Sports Rehabilitation and the Students Union)

In addition, our #TeamSalford partners at the Students Union, are in the formative stages of developing a fantastic new service (in parnershipship with the directorate) for members of our Sports Teams, which the Sports Centre will play a key role in facilitating. On Wednesday afternoons, over the course of our University BUCS Fixtures from 2.00pm Sport Rehabiltation Students will be offering free Sports Massages (and injury treatment) for Sports Team Members.  No bookings required, all you need to do is enquire at Sports Centre Reception, and Staff Member will lead you down to the Health hub, where our Students (and Course Leaders) will be co-ordinating and delivering this (unprededented and exciting) student lead initiative, for our Sports Team Members. This will be ideal for those sports students dealing with accumilated aches and pains, both during and after competitive BUCS Sport Participation on Wednesday Afternoons. *This service will recommence from Wednesday 21st November for the 18/19 Academic Year.


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