If you use the facilities on a regular basis and want to make significant savings - why not have a chat with one of our staff about the benefits of our membership packages.

We have simplified our membership structure for the 19-20 Academic year, and we believe that this pricing structure provides our members with maximum value for money! These memberships are now available via Monthly Direct Debits, and prospective members still have the option of paying (upfront) for an Annual Membershipthey pay for the equivalent of 11 months, essentially getting a month FREE within the Annual Membership Agreement

All Inclusive Membership

  • Unlimited access to five fitness rooms at all times

  • Access to the Swimming pool, sauna and spa during all pool opening times

  • Free access to all timetabled fitness classes

  • Squash Court Access 

  • Free Gym induction, personal programme and fitness testing


Choice Membership Members get the choice of ONE of the following....

  • the 5 Fitness Suites 

  • Swimming Pool area (including Sauna and Spa)

  • all the Fitness Classes

  • or squash court hire. 


In addition to the aforementioned changes, the following options will still be available:

Linked or Family Membership

  • A Linked/Family Membership package is available, and you are entitled to link ONE person to your membership, with the person desiring the membership having the same membership privileges as yourself, with the linked member gaining access to YOUR membership rate only. (The person making the membership referral must be present to give consent to this at the point of sale.) 
  • One Adult may accompany a maximum of two Children (aged 8 years and older) in the Swimming pool when Swimming. Children may only use the Swimming Pool the Sports Centre Facility, and a Junior Swim comes at a cost of £2.00 per Child (if they are over the age of 5 years old.) If the Child is under 5 years old, the Child will be allowed access for free with an (accompanying Adult.) However, the Adult to Child ratio MUST be 1-1 if accompanying Children under the age of 8 years old.

 Staff deductions from salary

  • Staff membership will continue to have the option of deductions from salaries (via the new membership rates.)  A salary deduction form can only be completed at the Sports Centre Reception.