Mr Olympia - Flex Lewis Visits the Sports Centre


6 Time IFBB (212lbs) Champion Delivers Interactive Seminar

We were honoured to have current under Mr Olympia James “Flex" Lewis deliver a short muscle activation seminar (alongside our Director of Sports and Exercise and Physiotherapy) with an Exclusive Q and A Session. 25 lucky students were the recipients of some expert insight into Flex’s everyday training regime and lifestyle overview, which has culminated in 6 IFBB Mr Olympia titles (at the 212 weight class) alongside ‘Flex’ operating a wide range of successful domestic and international businesses. 


Within the Science based Seminar, with Steve providing informative analysis, Flex measured his bicep muscle electric activation profile, using a computerised device which measured the “firing” (activations) via Flex performing basic and rotated bicep (loaded and unloaded) muscle contractions, through the muscle tension level produced within concentric and eccentric phases of movement. The electric “activity” visible within the findings illustrated the level of activation and muscle tension at work, during both orientations of movement, even during rest periods. This was a fascinating insight for our students present, into the level that world class athletes such as Flex Lewis perform at, and this also was a unique spotlighting of one of our leading Academic’s collaborating alongside an Elite performer, to help generate tremendously informative content for our student’s (which our Academic Area’s deliver within our Courses on a consistent basis.)


Flex then provided the students with an overview of his daily life, and the path in which he had to undertake, from first attending Rugby Training in his hometown Llanelli in Wales, to beginning weight training, after being inspired by Legendary Body Builder Tom Platz. This preceded the long and arduous journey of finally competing within the IFBB Competitions overseas, after years of hard work in business, to generate the income (to provide him with financial support throughout the process) and competing within Domestic and International Body Building competitions. This was an incredible story, and one in which our Student’s present can take great inspiration from.        


We want to say a big thank you to Flex for such an informative and interactive session, and Dr Steve Atkins for providing his expertise within the Seminar, which created the conditions for an unprecedented setting for our students to engage within.

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