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Exercise with Confidence - Beginners

We have teamed up with our Academic Partners within Sports Science, to spotlight some helpful coaching points relating to basic exercises for beginners within the gym. If you are unsure about certain technique's, this video library will become a really helpful online resource to educate our members on correct form, when attempting to perform specific exercises.

The main exercises in which Gym beginners routinely wish to master during the initial stages of engaging within the gym setting; are the Press Up, Plank and the Squat. Our Fitness Instructors Matthew and Tom, in addition to one of our Sports Science Academic Lecturers Eddie Caldow provide the coaching points, with Eddie's Sports Science Student's Dillion and Fiona performing the exercises.  




                           Press Up



Exercise with Confidence - Session Ideas

These Video’s give a definitive overview of how you can effectively utilize a small gym space using minimal equipment. The below short TRX Circuit  session (delivered by Instructor Tom) looks to fully engage the core muscles whilst also incorporating compound movements, to target the abdominal muscles and maximize energy expenditure working within anaerobic conditions. Credit to Student Rachel and Instructor's Tom and Tommy for the features.