DSAS Sports day 2018 Review

Date: Jul 17, 2018


                              DSAS Sports Day 2018


The 3rd Annual 2018 DSAS Sports Day was another huge success for the Sports Centre and DSAS Events Partnership, with 16 teams (and 80 Students and Staff members) participating in another exciting day of activities, with the Event now very much established within the University Calendar! This year’s event was in aid of Emmaus Salford, a social enterprise committed to providing a home and meaningful work for formerly homeless people. The success of the 2018 event demonstrated the power of physical activity to bring people and communities together, to help raise money for a tremendous cause.  


The Sports Day Concept, which is a modern take on the traditional school sports day format, helps to remove participation barriers to physical acivity, due to the inclusive and social nature of the team based heats. Dodgeball (officially named Dodging Plagerism!) the Atmosphere Pool Party, and Chasing Graduation made their debut’s as heat’s within the event, and the new activities were tremendously popular!  

In a fitting ending, the winners on the day were Emmaus, so a huge well done to them, and we await to see if they can retain their crown in 2019!