Student's Engage in Powerlifting Masterclass with Elite Athletes at the Sports Centre

Date: Jun 12, 2018




                  Empowering our Campus Community 


The powerlifting science overview and practical student engagment session was a unique educational setting, and such a tremendous experience for our students, those who participated within the masterclass will no doubt be able to apply the technical components (from the interactive setting) within their own workouts. 

The main objective of the seminar session was to further create tangible pathways into physical activity, and more specifically the “Gym “setting, for our Students on Campus. The main practical session lead in, was conducted by leading University of Salford Academic, and Strength and Conditioning specialist Steve Atkins, via a peak force strength test, utlising our Academic's elite testing software. Both Ryan and Bobbie performed the Strength Test for our Students, using our Academics Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull Rig, which is usually located within our Strength and Conditioning Labs at Mary Secole, so the students received an unprecedented insight into our elite athlete performance analysis, thus receiving an overview of the type of testing activity undertaken on a regular basis at the University within our performance labs.



The resulting graph from the strength test was produced using fixed resistance from an isometric deadlift (via the IMTP Rig) the specialist software illustrates the athlete’s level of peak force in neutrons, using the initiation of force production, and through optimising the rate of force development within the components of the curve graph generated.

The practical session, with the direct physical engagement for students was incredibly informative and directly impactful. Subsequently, those students who engaged within this seminar section will be able take the technical components learnt relating to the Powerlifting “Big Three” (Bench Press, Deadlift and Squat) into their own workouts, and will see the respective gains through applying the knowledge learnt from Bobbie and Ryan.



Check out this live snippet from Steve's Science based section of the the Masterclass, if you missed this superb interactive session. 

We will be looking to introduce more of these educational seminars for our students, linking up with our Academic Partners and their fantastic links within elite circles. Bobbie and Ryan are will return this September for the #ActiveSalford Expo at the Sports Centre on Wednesday 19th September!