CBBC Summer Social - Over 700 Local Children Engage Within The Team Salford Activity Zone!

Date: Jul 16, 2017


                          CBBC Summer Social - Team Salford 


On Friday 7th July, Team Salford assisted the Youth Charter and the BBC, in kicking off the first ever CBBC Summer Social and we are pleased to say that the event was a huge success.

The event provided Team Salford with a platform to engage with 17 local primary schools (within Salford and Trafford) and over 700 Children, via our physical activity zone. Team Salford delivered a variety of activities within an unprecedented setting, with the Team taking the stage, offering Unique approach to engaging the children within physical activity, with concepts such as ‘Simon says’ playing a prominent role within the programme of activity on the day. 


Groups of 80+ children participated within our Baton Relay Conditioning sessions, which provided a familiar Sports Day type environment for the children, and an avenue to introduce the children to one of our most popular elements of our provision. 

The Team Salford Activity Zone was greatly received, and there are plans for Team Salford to deliver more activities for local children in partnership with the Youth Charter. 



Take a look at some of the moments captured on the day of Friday 7th; this illustrates the value of collaborative partnership working, and the positive community impacts which can be subsequently generated, through Physical Activity being introduced to children at an early age, within this unique event platform. 


There is more to come from Team Salford and the Youth Charter, with regards to additonal projects designed to empower and engage young people via Sport and Physical Activity, so stay tuned for information detailing our next project....