Salford Sports Centre brings you a Powerlifting masterclass with Team GB’s Bobbie Butters

Date: Jan 22, 2019

On Wednesday 30th January we’ll be joined by powerlifting champion, Bobbie Butters, where she will be sharing her knowledge by hosting two sessions for students to come and get involved with.

The first session will be from 11:00am-12:00pm and will be focused on the theory of hypertrophy. Bobbie will be discussing the benefits for building muscle in strength sports and how it can affect general life. As well as highlighting the benefits of incorporating compound movements into your training sessions.

There are many popular beliefs and myths surrounding muscle gain in particular, the negative stigma that (one that may prevent females engaging in strength training as an example) so this session will be a great opportunity gain a greater understanding and discuss with one of the GB’s finest athletes. This is an open session, and we encourage anyone to attend, as we aim for this to be informative and educational, as we look to break down barriers to gym based activity for Students.

Train with Bobbie Butters! The second part of the session from 12:00pm-1:00pm will allow students to be more practical and get involved with the elements of powerlifting. Bobbie alongside her coach and business partner  Ryan, will be going through their warm up routine demonstrating how it effectively prepares them for powerlifting as well as discussing how the correct technique benefits their performance optimisation and aids towards injury prevention.   

Get GB tips whilst you lift… Develop your understanding of powerlifting techniques by performing a lift of your choice which will be guided by Bobbie and Ryan. During this hour you will also gain knowledge of assistance exercises and the best suitable programme strategies to help towards your fitness and strength goals.

Bobbie Butters won three medals at the European Open, Sub-Junior and Junior Classic Powerlifting Championships whilst representing Team GB in Lithuania in November 2018.

These sessions will be a unique learning setting for students, allowing them to get a better understanding of powerlifting technique optimisation, which they can then look at to apply within their own workouts.

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