Join us for Fitness and Wellbeing Month in January

Date: Jan 12, 2019



Follow @USinternalComms for our #ActiveSalford Fitness and Wellbeing month, we will be providing our 22 top tips to keep you fit and healthy in the new year, we will be introducing a top tip for every working day this month. 

Each day will detail some helpful advice around activity levels, nutrition, lifestyle habits, and the best ways to ensure that you prioritise your wellbeing in general, as we look to get you all into good habits not just in January, but get you into the process of creating consistent and sustainable change.   

If you are not signed up to the Sports Centre and you would like to join, you can do so now online or you can pop into the Centre, where we can go through your best option relavent to your fitness and health goals. 

Simply email the comms team at, or tweet us at @USinternalComms and @UoSSportsCentre to keep us updated on your fitness journey throughout January.