Active Salford 2018



                  Empowering our Campus Community 

2017 was another successful year for Team Salford, with our New Partnership with Matrix Fitness last September; we saw the addition of our new functional training room (our 5th Fitness Suite) and a complete revamp of existing equipment.

As a consequence, we have managed to engage more students and staff in physical activity than ever before, with the new partnership providing even more unique participation pathways into Sport.  One of these pathway's is our new MX4 Group Exercise sessions, which we piloted to great success in December. Over the Course of 2018, will see MX4 play a key role within our Fitness Activity provision, with the functional training room providing the setting.

The MX4 Group training sessions will use undulating periodisation, ensuring workouts are holistic in nature, and will look to address the four pillars of fitness – endurance, strength, power and cardio, ensuring our members are engaged for a sustained period of 4 weeks initially, which will then expand to 12 weeks, as our members continue through the program, providing some real structure around their main fitness goals. Ensuring the weekly workouts offer progressions, and introduce the correct proportion of variables at appropriate times, via changes made to exercise selection, tempo load and exercise intensity, The potential outcomes through staying with the 12 week periodisation program are vast, with MX4 an established and proven Group Training platform to improve fitness levels, and provide a complete exercise experience. Most importantly, the sessions will ensure to be adaptable for all abilities and easy to participate within, at any point within the programmes.  The MX4 Group Training Classes are due to launch on February 12th, with 3 MX4 Taster sessions during Welcome Week on Monday 22nd January at 12.15, Wednesday 24th January at 5.15pm, and Friday 26th January at 12.15pm.

Our popular September Event Tag Archery returns again on Tuesday 23rd January at Allerton Sports Hall, Tag Archery is a friendly and fun combat activity - basically dodgeball with arrows! Painless and mess free, join in this fun packed activity in Allerton Sports hall on Tuesday 23rd, with no booking required! Other January Welcome week activities, which will be delivered in collaboration with our partners Salford Student Village, include a return for our popular Pilates Sampling Sessions, which will be delivered at 5.15pm, via the social spaces at PPQ and John Lester on Monday 29th and Wednesday 31st January respectively, which can be booked (again completely free) via Advantage.



One unprecedented addition to January Welcome will be our open Seminar with Team GB's Female Competitor Bobbie Butters. This was an idea born out of the fantastic Flex Lewis Seminar, Mr Olympia James “Flex" Lewis delivered a short muscle activation Guest Lecture, with an Exclusive Q and A Session, alongside one of our Sport Academic Leaders Steve Atkins, which was a tremendous success. Therefore, these are open setting’s in which we are looking to facilitate on a consistent basis, to educate our students and staff on the value of remaining physically active within various settings, alongside our Academic’s many elite performance contacts. Bobbie will be putting on a Powerlifting masterclass, consisting of a practical (science based) Seminar alongside her Powerlifting Colleague Ryan Hayes; this will be followed by a short Q and , for our Students to ask any questions. This will be a unique learning setting for our students, allowing them get a better understanding of powerlifting technique optimisation, and gain a solid theoretical understanding of Powerlifting, which they can then look to apply within their own workouts. Spaces are limited to 25, and these spaces will only be bookable via advantage  so book now to avoid mssing out! 

As detailed above, our Free Day Pass offer (available to both new and returning students) will provide our students with the opportunity to sample any area of our provision they wish, Whether you wish to sample a fitness class, all of our 5 fitness suites, or the Swimming Pool Area (complete with Sauna and Spa) or maybe all 3 in one day - the choice is entirely yours!

To sign up - just pop into Sports Centre Reception, and we can activate this with immediate effect.*This offer will run from Monday 8th January – Saturday 31st March T’s and C’s apply.

With plenty happening during January, there is plenty of opportunity to engage in Sport in early 2018!

Our Calendar of Event’s also provide us with more Fun and Inclusive Setting's, with Running one of our most popular activity forms. The Annual DSAS Event’s Vice Chancellor’s 5k Fun Run (in aid of Kidscan Childrens Cancer Research) takes place on Friday 25th May, and 2017’s event saw more than £1,000 raised, and 70 runners participate within the event, which acted as a filter into the UK Fast's September’s Salford 10k, where the University were recognised as the best performing company, with the highest number of best placed finishes! Therefore, we are looking for an even higher level of engagement around 2018’s event, and raise even more money for a tremendous cause!



We also facilitated the largest ever DSAS Sports Day, with 18 teams (across various academic school's and professional service area's) and 90 participant’s, making for one of the biggest event’s within our Sporting Calendar. Again, we are hoping to faciliate a similar scale Event on Friday 28th June this year, with many additions planned, and Team EERC looking to retain their crown – this should make for another fantastic day!




We will also be introducing a number of additional educational resources for our students, including the #SalfordSmart Skills for Learning "live well for learning" online resource, developed in partnership with the Library. The methodology behind the development, was to use the online resource as an additional mechanism to engage our students on a wider scale, using the 'live well for learning portal' to help empower our students, and create the conditions for them to better academically attain and develop, both personally and professionally. The finding's from the BUCS Graduate Employability Research indicate that student's who choose regularly engage in sport, develop a wide range of positive attributes desired by employers, which are most notably: team working, communication skills, motivation, competitiveness and resilience. Enhanced employability is not just about playing sport. Employers consider that leadership positions, organisational roles and other positions of responsibility within sports clubs and societies were particularly beneficial in providing 'added value' for graduate employability. This resource will provide our students with nutritional advice, informative blogs, instructional work out videos, and further information around the well being and social value of engaging in Sport. 

This will act as a key tool for Team Salford, as we look to faciliate our students through their individual activity journeys, through increased levels of inclusivity, helping to drive resilience (with Sport playing a prominent role within the empowerment of our students) and the accessibility of our activity settings, as we look to make physical activity an intergral element of student life, and the overall student experience. 

In addition, our website will also host regular online (beginner, intermediate and advanced) exercise instructional video's, educating our members on correct exercise techniques, which will feed into our free personal programmes. These video's provide a platform for a previously unprecedented internal colaboration, with both the School of Arts and Media (generating the content) and our Sports Science Academic Leaders and Sports Science Student's, providing the coaching points. The Beginner Instructional video's will be live at the end of January, so ensure to stay tuned for this unprecedented addition to our Fitness provision, and further engagement concepts. 



In addition, our superb Sport Rehab Team will also be in the Health Hub offering Sports Massage Tasters every Wednesday through Semester 2; this provision is a unique student lead service (delivered in partnership with our Directorate of Sport, Exercise and Physiotherapy.) Sports Centre Members, and Sports Team Members can gain access to the Sports Massage service completely free, which offers an unprecedented value to our respective membership packages. More information on the partnership can be viewed here

And Finally.....

If you wish to join a Students Union Sports Club or Activity Group, January is a perfect time to do so! Our Annual Varsity Event vs Chester University returns to Chester's Campus on Wednesday 21st March, and is one not to be missed! 

With Club training sessions (including the BUCS Fixture programme) and Give Sport A Go (social "drop in" recreational sessions) running up until the end of March, and the Campus League Program running beyond the Easter Break, there is plenty of opportunity to get involved! 

So #GetActive this year within many of our fun and inclusive activity settings, be play your part within our #ActiveSalford Campaign this year. 

The full price list, which details some slight changes this for the 17/18 Academic Year, are all listed here

If you do not want to wait until Term time Starts - You can join up to the Sports Centre now!

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